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Why Korean Barbecue?

Korean culture is spreading. From the rising popularity of Kpop groups like BTS to hit Korean television like Squid Game, Korea is making its mark on the West. 

With a complexity of different flavors and cuisine largely comprised of proteins, vegetables, grains and assorted spices, Korean food is a great choice for the health-conscious and clean-eating consumer.

From generations of recipes passed down, DAE GEE leaves our customers well fed with culture, humor, and top quality home recipe style Korean food.

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What does it mean to own a franchise?

Why Dae Gee?

Dae Gee lights up your senses and enriches the full human experience. From generations of recipes passed down. We leave our customers well fed with culture, humor, and top quality home recipe style Korean food.

We're one of the fastest growing Korean BBQ chains in Colorado. Most importantly, people love our food.

Let Dae Gee fill you up and feed you well.

What defines a Dae Gee?

We are defined by quality fresh ingredients and customer experience first.

We use simple, fresh ingredients in our inherited recipes to create a sensational experience for our customers. The fermentation process is slow and methodical; unique to the nature of each chef. This is what the mean by slow food. Not by making you wait, but by inviting the space to anticipate the experience. Your table becomes a place to enjoy the company of others and eat fulfilling food.

Who are we looking for?

Dae Gee franchise owners are hard working dedicated individuals who love Korean food and will do whatever it takes to make sure our customers enjoy every dining experience. Ownership is reserved for those who want to go above and beyond.


As an owner you will have direct access to our team and founder. We have a proven foundation to help you succeed in opening and running your store from Real Estate & Construction to Marketing & Operations. We are here to serve you.

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Joseph Kim is the founder and owner of Dae Gee restaurants. Colorado-born, he has been cultivating the Korean BBQ experience locally for 10 years. Joe's dynamic take on entrepreneurship means always maximizing an opportunity to share memorable food experiences with the community. According to Joe, "It's about family. For our restaurants, the community that surrounds us is our family." Dae Gee comes from multi-generational roots and feeding the neighborhood runs in his blood. Grandma's recipes have been passed down from the first family restaurant to Mom's restaurant. Dae Gee now pays homage to all the family recipes through each and every meal.

  • Korean BBQ

    Dae Gee (which means pig in Korean) is a Korean BBQ restaurant progressively blending Korean food traditions with American culture. We combine the freshest ingredients, endless flavor, and a fun atmosphere to give you an exceptional dining experience.

  • #Pigout

    This is the customers chance to fill up, to indulge in eccentric flavors, and to experience diverse dishes. This is the essence of #pigout. Soak in the sensations rather than tirelessly consume.

    Enjoy fully.

    Bring out your inner pig.

  • Family

    Korean dinner is all about communal living. When sharing sides and expertly seasoned beef off the grill, you tend to rub elbows with your neighbor. Attract new collaborators, new customers, building brand loyalty, and ultimately change the world.

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